Full Reading with TLC Training in Lively Letters™ and Sight Words You Can See™

This seminar or webinar trains participants in Reading with TLC's core programs: Lively Letters™ (training phonemic awareness, speech production, and phonic skills), and Sight Words You Can See™ (training phonetically irregular sight words). The training is geared for those who work with general ed. students in grades PreK – 2, as well as struggling students of all ages, including teens and adults. Participants can expect direct instruction in the program, hands-on practice, videos, and music. Delivered in an engaging, easy-going manner with a sense of humor, this training is enjoyed by all participants and has received a 100% recommendation rating from past participants. View the schedule for upcoming live trainings. 

Pre-K Training in Lively Letters™

This full training in Lively Letters™ is geared just for educators who are working with Pre-K students. Receive step-by-step instructions on how to implement the Lively Letters™ program to develop phonemic awareness and phonics with research-based, data-driven strategies that effect quick gains and build a strong foundation for developing reading and spelling skills.

The presenters will review the current research and clinical studies that support the use of Lively Letters™ methods and materials. The webinar is made dynamic with videos, live demonstrations, class and group lesson ideas, and a sense of humor that makes learning the program almost as much fun as it is to actually use the Lively Letters™ program with students!

Hot Topic Webinars

Unique, short webinars by renowned speakers on various language and literacy topics, offered as either live or previously recorded webinars.  All who register for a live event also receive a recording of that webinar.

Training of the Trainer

If you have attended a Reading with TLC™ full training seminar or webinar, have implemented the Lively Letters program, and are passionate about sharing these successful strategies with colleagues, you qualify for this 2-day Training of the Trainers (TOT) webinar or seminar. This workshop will license, equip, and train you for presenting official Reading with TLC™ seminars to colleagues you work with (for no training fee) as a TLC Team Trainer. Participants will first attend the 5-hour day of training, learning key strategies for presenting our program and picking up important tips for making your Reading with TLC™ Lively Letters™ seminars as dynamic and effective as possible. Following that day, you will participate in the second half of the TOT process, attending a full 6.5 hour training with the eyes of a presenter.

Free Overview of Reading with TLC™ (Webinar) This free, 1.5 hour webinar illustrates how educators can implement the TLC programs to develop phonemic awareness, phonics, and sight word skills with research-based, data-driven strategies that effect quick, dramatic gains. The presenters will touch upon some of the current research and the clinical studies that support the use of the selection of TLC's methods and materials that they will be highlighting. View the schedule to see upcoming live overviews with opportunities to ask questions, or view an archived recording of a previous webinar.

Free Lively Letters™ Phonics App Instructional Showcase Webinar  This free 1.5 hour webinar provides a showcase of instructions on how to use the Lively Letters™ Phonemic Awareness and Phonics App for iPads and iPhones. Along with the app instructions will be some of our key strategies for phonemic awareness and phonics, that can now be applied while using the app, as well as helpful tips and answers to your app implementation questions.  View the schedule to see upcoming live overviews with opportunities to ask questions, or view an archived recording of a previous webinar.