(Telian-Cas Learning Concepts) is a nationally renowned, researched-based and clinically proven reading program. Since 1990, we've been providing materials and professional development to help educators, clinicians, and parents quickly and dramatically improve students' reading and spelling skills in a way that’s fun and entertaining.

Reading with TLC is comprised of 2 creative programs, Lively Letters and Sight Words You Can See. Lively Letters improves phonemic awareness, speech production, and phonics. while Sight Words You Can See facilitates the training of abstract sight words that don't follow the rules of phonics, such as "come," and "want."



Noisy Lip Puffing Sound
Did you know that the letter P has a noisy partner? We still put our lips together and puff out the air, but this time we turn our voices on while we do it read more...

Noisy Tongue Dancing Sound
Did you know that the /t/ sound has a noisy partner too? You’re going to tap your tongue up there, behind your teeth, but this time, put your voice on. What sounds does it make? read more...

Jan12 - Webinar - Sold Out
FREE Reading with TLC 60-minute Overview: 5:30-6:30pm EST
Jan 14 - Sold Out - 6:30-8:30pm Target Speech & Literacy Webinar
Jan 20-21 3:30pm-6:45pm Condensed Full Training Webinar
Feb 5 6:30-7:30pm FREE 60-minute Overview
Feb 11 5:30-8:30pm Magic of Morphology Webinar
Feb 23 3:30-6:45pm Lively Letters PreK Webinar
March 23-25 8:45am-3:00pm Training of the TLC Trainers - Dedham, MA
March 24-25 8:45am-3:00pm TLC Parts 1 & 2 Full Training - Dedham, MA

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